Myanmar – Burma right now

It has become a sport for the ‘soldiers’ and police of Burma to brutalize, beat and kill their own countrymen and women AND children.

Why are the governments of the UK, USA, Australia, and Europe just looking on, and by refusing to act (except for sanctions), agreeing with the junta to continue with their crimes against humanity? To sit there and not take real action is to become a partaker of the evil deeds.  YOU can help. See below the pictures.

A so-called ‘general’ terrorist along with his junta and criminal police force inflicted such acts of cruelty and violence upon his own people like some uneducated and uncivilized barbarian. How could this be happening in 2021, and all the world just standing and watching?

Below are pictures of just a few of the hundreds of precious lives that the criminal and illegal junta have brutally murdered already.

Can you see all of this and do nothing?    Maybe you feel there is nothing adequate that you can contribute.

Even a small help is better than no help. Your government may wish to close its eyes in case they upset the beast of China, but at least you could follow your conscience and donate something. It can be funds, or it could be the desperately needed resources of medicine and food, vitamins or temporary shelters; or oxygen bottles, blankets, baby food and clothes.

If you own a business, maybe there are resources that you could contribute from your stock.

Just call us on +44 7307 577777     100% of all contributions and donations go directly to Myanmar through our Frontline Strategy Team in Thailand. We give you their contact details and you deal directly with them.