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The Crown Flag flies as a symbol of hope in a troubled world. It is universal in its concept and goes beyond languages and cultures. It reaches out across the  continents.

As the nations try to find answers to the current worldwide crisis, increased violence, and huge social challenges, the Crown Flag flies with a universal message of hope and peace.  We are currently establishing reach-outs to many countries including Papua New Guinea, India, Brazil, Myanmar, Africa, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and many others. 

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In Myanmar (Burma) thousands are starving. Whole families are in desperate conditions with their little ones, hiding in the forests trying to find food. Medical supplies are desperately needed including oxygen right now.  The violence and brutality of the military junta, flooding, and the ‘viral’ infection are wreaking havoc and destruction upon the population. No nation has come to their rescue, and China and Russia block all attempts of outside help, while China steals the assets of the country and mocks the peace-loving civilians.

It is rainy season now,  and temporary shelters, baby clothes and food are urgently required.

If you wish to donate funds or goods to Myanmar, we can give you the direct contact to the team on the border of Thailand who will ensure it reaches the right place in full.

Please help us to get help to the sick and dying and starving of Myanmar. To see PICTURES click the link >  https://crownflag.com/myanmar-burma-right-now/ 

You may also like to see https://www.freeburmarangers.org/

Our Brazil Ambassador Dudu Paraense interviewing two members of his team

Our Last Frontiers Ambassador is Louis Apurel

Action for Myanmar

We cannot ignore the plight of the beautiful people of this country
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