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The Crown Flag flies as a symbol of hope in a troubled world. It is universal in its concept and goes beyond languages and cultures. It reaches out across the continents with promise, expectation, and showing a better way forward.

As the nations try to find answers to the current worldwide crisis, increased violence, and huge social challenges, the Crown Flag flies with a universal message of hope, peace, and transformation.  We are currently establishing outreaches to many countries including Papua New Guinea, India, Brazil, Myanmar, Africa, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, the UK, and many others. Making the world a better place.

NEWS: A new website coming soon and news of new developments on the horizon.

Welcome to the Crown Flag. Flying since the year 2000, this quickly recognizable and beautiful ensign presents hope and promise to a world suffering from trouble and international distress. We work in many areas of business and industry, including book publishing, music and video production, cottage industries, and co-operatives to raise the standard of living and personal independence. These are all a part of our vision and some of the areas where we invest time and money. We work with a number of companies and enterprises who are involved in investing in agriculture, health products, education, and micro finance. 

Two members of the Crown Flag Team in Papua New Guinea take to the skies. Col Charlie Andrews and Louis Apurel fly over the island.

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