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The Crown Flag flies as a symbol of hope in a troubled world. It is universal in its concept and goes beyond languages and cultures. It reaches out across the  continents.

As the nations try to find answers to the current worldwide crisis, increased violence, and huge social challenges, the Crown Flag flies with a universal message of hope and peace.  We are currently establishing reach-outs to many countries including Papua New Guinea, India, Brazil, Myanmar, Africa, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and many others. 

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Action for Myanmar

We cannot ignore the plight of the beautiful people of this country

Revolutionary organic fertilizer that has outstanding properties

–  finishing trials and already in huge demand.


Our Team Member in India,  has developed an amazing product that is both natural, organic, and completely eco-friendly that will not just improve and increase growth, but will also sustain the calorific properties, moisture content,  and mineral values of the soil through natural processes. 

Based in India, the trials are conclusive and very, very exciting, especially in a world that needs to return to natural health and normality towards nature in every aspect.  With amazing yield increases of up to 100%, this new organic fertilizer is set to change the face of farming.

This project will bring employment to many, and even now is giving women in India the chance to create a better home.

Mr. Singh has adopted fifteen villages so that poor families can find a way to educate their children; and basic computer skills are being taught to the whole family for the first time ever. 

We are currently working on another agricultural project that will allow farmers to get the best out of their fields using the minimal amount of water and at the same time allowing them to plant their seed and seedlings earlier before the rains come. Watch this space!

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