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The Crown Flag flies as a symbol of hope in a troubled world. It is universal in its concept and goes beyond languages and cultures.

One aspect of its function is to bring families and communities from ‘survival’ to ‘sufficiency’; and with that in mind, there are projects and plans that seek to elevate people to a better place in life. We are currently establishing reach-outs to many countries including India, Brazil, Africa, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and many others. 

We are preparing new innovations for cottage industries and project investments in agriculture and energy supplies, to help raise the standard of living for those in poorer communities.  An exciting plan on the table right now is for a  Crown Flag token that will help fund exciting projects  to bring some good to these challenging times we live in.


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Crown Flag Token
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The Crown Flag is a symbol of hope in a very troubled world

Myanmar (formerly Burma) is in great trouble right now, struggling with political upheaval as well as the universal health crisis. We are engaged in seeking to bring hope and comfort into the situation and offering support at this time.


A song for 2021. In this world of distress and anxiety, may this brand new composition touch your life in a special way.  Click the button below

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